HopSwap half Marathon Course

It’s Hilly, Get Over It!

This is our official course for the first Hop Swap half Marathon. It starts in the vibrant heart of the city and heads west through the eclectic West End before taking a tour of  beautiful Buena Vista.neighbothoods. Just before you get back into downtown you will take on the “Foothills Challenge” of the Brookstown Ave Hill. Separate overall winners will be awarded for the best times from the bottom to the top of the hill!


Where do we go from Here?

Turn by turn directions for Half Marathon & 5k

  1. Start
  2. Proceed west on Fourth Street
  3. Right on Brookstown Ave
  4. Right on West End Blvd
  5. Left on Reynolda Rd NW
  6. Left on Northwest Blvd
  7. Right on Hawthorne Rd
  8. 5k Turnaround
  9. Left/continue on to Virginia Rd
  10. Right on Roslyn Rd
  11. Left on Spring Garden Rd
  12. Left on Westover Ave
  13. Right on Forest Dr
  14. Left on Club Park Rd
  15. Right on Pine Valley Rd
  16. Right on Yorkshire Rd
  17. Left on Shoreland Rd
  18. Left on Burkeshore Rd
  19. Right on Kenwick Dr
  20. Right on Burkeshore Rd
  21. Right on Silas Creek Greenway
  22. Turnaround at Robinhood Rd
  23. Continue on Silas Creek Greenway
  24. Turnaround at Yorkshire Rd
  25. Continue on Silas Creek Greenway
  26. Right on Burkeshore Rd
  27. Left on on Kenwick Dr
  28. Left on Burkeshore Rd
  29. Right on Shoreland Rd
  30. Right on Yorkshire Rd
  31. Left on Pine Valley Rd
  32. Left on Club Park Rd
  33. Right on Forest Dr
  34. Left on Westover Ave
  35. Right on Spring Garden Rd
  36. Right on Roslyn Rd
  37. Left on Virginia Rd
  38. Continue on to Hawthorne Rd
  39. Left on Northwest Blvd
  40. Right on Reynolds Rd NW
  41. Right on West End Blvd
  42. Left on Brookstown Ave
  43. Left on Fourth St
  44. Finish